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What's on Adam's Playlist?

One of the reasons that I became a DJ is that I love to listen to all kinds of music. I listen to music most of the day. If music isn't playing, there's a good chance that some "ear-worm" of a song is stuck in my head :)

I wanted to share some of the songs that are in my personal rotation right now. I am a bit of a pop junkie and I love anything that has an uptempo rhythm (something to dance to). Here are a few songs that stand out to me right now, aka - "What I'm jammin' out to".

Some notes about this week's playlist:

I've got some upbeat fun tracks this week. Nathan Feuerstein (better know as "NF") is one of my favorite new rappers. He flows like Eminem, has crazy skills as a lyricist, and best of all - it's clean. I don't speak Spanish (or Korean), but I appreciate the musicality in some tracks. RITMO, Make it Right, and Lost in the Middle of Nowhere all fall under that category. They are all bi-lingual tracks. Dua Lipa and Harry Styles' tracks have a bit of an old school vibe to me, that might be why I like them. Please give them a listen, I hope you like the tracks too!

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